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Chocobo Races are on!

It's time to sign up for the 2013-14 Chocobo Races, which is a series of monthly challenges run by the moderators of DOINK! (aka Final Fantasy Exchange). Of which I am sort of now one, since I'm co-mod of the DOINK Tumblr account along with [personal profile] vrazdova. And I am now also the fearless captain of Team Ifrit!

The races will kick off officially soon, but signups are already open, and will remain so throughout the challenge. So go sign up! For whichever team (Ifrit) you find most worthy (Ifrit), of course. Don't let the fact that I'm a team captain (Ifrit) influence you in any way. ;)

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Tags: ffex, final fantasy, it seemed like a good idea at midnight, this is sev's fault
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