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Wow, have I really gone over a week without posting anything? I'm still around, I promise. Some quick updates:

1. Tori is better. Her red blood cell count is stable but still low. We switched up her meds a few times to balance blood counts with weight gain (we think one of the meds was making her nauseated), and now she's eating like crazy and getting her strength and energy back, too. She'd been getting checkups every week, but the vet said last time that we can go to every two weeks, which is great. If her numbers keep going up, I am hopeful that we can start cutting back on some of the meds -- right now she's taking four pills twice daily, which is a lot.

2. I didn't get the job I interviewed for in May, but I'm okay with that, especially since the market seems to be picking up a little bit. I've applied for five jobs in the last few weeks and am looking at other options as well. Something has to come through eventually, right?

3. It has been a movie-filled summer: Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim. Enjoyed them all, though I didn't fall in love with any of them. I probably have the most complaints about Star Trek and the fewest about Man of Steel; maybe real posts on each will come later. It's been interesting to watch my Tumblr dash falling head-over-heels for Pacific Rim: I enjoyed watching it, I understand where the gushing praise is coming from, but my appreciation for it was more distant. But really, the best discovery of all is a podcast: Welcome to Night Vale, which suddenly appeared all over Tumblr about a month ago. It's a fun quirky little horror story about a community radio show in a town where lots of weird things happen, all treated as if they are regular everyday occurrences. That's a juxtaposition that often works well for me. [personal profile] liri sold me on trying it out by describing it as Lovecraftian horror as told by Chris in the Morning (from Northern Exposure), and then something that happened in the second episode hooked me forever. So consider this a somewhat rambling recommendation.

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