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DA Fic: "Matters of Trust"

Title: Matters of Trust
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~7500
Characters: Bethany, Keran, Orsino, Marian Hawke, assorted others. Bethany/Keran.
Spoilers: For DA2, particularly the quest "Best Served Cold". Starts at the end of Act 1 and goes through endgame. Set in my Marian Hawke's universe.
Notes: This was intended for Bethany Fan Week on Tumblr but was posted over a week late, oops. Mostly because it got way longer than I planned. At the start of the fan week, I asked for prompts relating specifically to Circle Bethany. I got several, and decided to work three of them together: Bethany and Keran, Bethany teaching Ella, and a fleeting sexual encounter in the Gallows (which ended up being more UST than anything). Much as I enjoy writing Warden Bethany, I find Circle Bethany even more fascinating, and this was a great opportunity to explore this future for her a little more.

Summary: When she arrives at the Gallows, Bethany makes an unexpected friend: Ser Keran, the templar she helped rescue from blood mages. Her story, and theirs.

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