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Unexpected replay: FFIX

I wasn't planning this, at all, but then [personal profile] lassarina was talking about getting set to replay on [community profile] moogle_university and it came up that it was available for download on the PlayStation store, and I haven't played it in forever, and one thing led to another, and now I'm well into Disc 2.

Although this wasn't the first Final Fantasy game I played (FFX receives that honor), in a way it was the first I experienced, because I watched T play the whole thing from beginning to end. So even though I never held the controller, I still learned the story and got to know the characters. Then I played it for myself in 2004 and had so much fun with it. It is without question my favorite FF game of the PS1 era and among my favorites of the series. However, even the replay was before I got into fandom, so I've never written fic for it or otherwise gotten involved in the fandom. We'll see if anything catches my attention on that level the first time through.

But oh, I adore it still. You know how sometimes you turn on a game you haven't played in awhile, and loading screen pops up and the music starts playing, and you feel like you're coming home? Yeah, it's like that.

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