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More Fringe

I finished the first season today, and also watched the first episode of the second. One strange thing on Netflix -- the season finale was actually the second to last episode, and it was then followed by an "oddity of the week" with no obvious ties to the larger arc. It was jarring to watch it that way, because the finale is a huge wham episode, with lots of momentous revelations and plot twists, and then of course the next episode made no mention of any of it.

A few thoughts:

Charlie. :( I liked him. I wonder how long this shapeshifter will be around to cause trouble?

On the other hand, I do like this new agent, Amy, at least for now. So if we lose Charlie and gain her, I guess that's okay.

I remember Walter dropping lots of hints early on about Peter having suffered a severe childhood illness, so the apparent revelation that the Peter we know is actually the alternate universe Peter was not surprising to me. But if that's the case, then why was Peter present at the crime scene when Olivia was bopping between universes during the pyrokinesis case? Unless there are multiple alternate universes, not just the two. That could get confusing awfully quick, though.

I have mixed feelings about Olivia being one of the special children who underwent the experimental drug therapy. On the one hand, it makes a good explanation for why all this weird stuff seems to happen around here. On the other, I kind of liked the idea that she was just super-competant. But I guess we'll see how it plays out. Hey, anyone else notice how Olivia seems to wear mostly black, gray, and blue-gray? Just like the empath said, and I caught the same thing color palette in the first pyrokinetic woman's closet. Nice attention to detail.

So far, I haven't caught anything egregious in the continuity (except for the possible thing with Peter being at the alternate universe crime scene), and I continue to be pleased with how quickly the arc moves. I am nagged by a few dropped threads, though, the worst being what happened with Sanford Harris. It bothers me that no one ever looks too deeply at the amazing coincidence that Harris just happened to be cleared of his sexual harassment charges and then was put in charge of investigating Olivia Dunham's task force - Sanford Harris, the one person who would be most likely to kill Olivia just to watch her die. You're telling me that no one was even a little curious about which judge overturned the conviction, and who put him on that assignment? And then he turns out to be working with ZFT -- and no one really talks about that either? I hope we get more on that in the next season.

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