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Fringe update: Season Two

Finished the second season and watched the first episode of Season Three. I have feelings. They are behind the cut for spoilers.

So, no explanation for the fact that the alternate universe that Olivia flashed into during the pyrokinetic episode bears no resemblance to the alternate universe we saw in "Over There"? Okay, I guess I can live with that particular dangling thread. And about half a dozen others.

This show is tugging at my heartstrings all over the place. Olivia's "message" from Charlie almost brought me to tears, and the situation with the Bishops hits so many of my narrative kinks, I can't even tell you. Walter and Peter slowly reconnecting, Walter's increasing guilt over taking Peter from the alternate universe, Olivia realizing Peter's true origins (something I saw coming as soon as Walter told her she had the ability to see whether something belonged in the AU, and which they pulled off perfectly), the increasing tension of how will Walter tell Peter the truth, the inevitability of Peter figuring it out on his own and the fallout from that... I have eaten it all up like candy, and look forward to the fallout from the season finale. I wish Peter had decided to come back for Walter's sake rather than Olivia's, but it at least seems like Peter is willing to give it a try. I'm sure the fact that Walter went to great extremes to save his life, while his birth father treated him as a pawn, is going to count for a lot as they attempt to rebuild their relationship.

"Over There" was pretty brilliant all around -- I was happy to see Charlie again, even if he is AU Charlie, and it's fascinating to watch the Walternate in action. The man Walter could have been, and it appears he purposely chose not to be. (I also wonder how much losing Peter, and his obsession with getting him back, affected AU Walter.) At this point, it appears that the Walternate is our antagonist, although I don't doubt that he genuinely believes that destroying our universe is the only way to save his universe. I am hoping that he's a well-intentioned extremist, like Nina Sharp and William Bell (and pre-insanity OU Walter, for that matter), rather than outright evil, but I guess we'll see.

I am somewhat conflicted about the Olivia swap. In particular, I'm bothered by the decision to make OU Olivia think she's AU Olivia by force-feeding her AU Olivia's memories. Also, while I'm on board with an Olivia/Peter romance in theory, and have been fairly pleased so far with the gradual way in which they've built up that relationship, I am definitely not on board with AU Olivia/Peter -- that crosses some consent lines, for me. So I hope this particular storyline reaches resolution sooner rather than later.

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