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Fringe update: the rest of Season Four

I knew that there wasn't some third universe out there, that Peter came home to the right place, and it was just a matter of Olivia recovering her memories from the original timeline. I'm glad that it was only a couple of episodes of angst over that -- I get why Peter didn't want to rush into a relationship with the wrong Olivia again, but it seems like, by not believing her, he caused both of them a lot of unnecessary stress. I wish that Walter had also remembered, since it seems like his love of Peter kept Peter tied to the new timeline as much as Olivia did, but since their relationship seems much the same as it always was, I guess that's okay. The one time I got teary this season: when Walter shows Peter the birthday presents he bought every year, and Peter's reaction to that.

Also good to be resolved quickly: OU Lincoln Lee and his crush on Olivia. I don't mind that it happened -- it makes sense, especially given that AU Lincoln was also in love with his Olivia -- but if it had dragged out much longer, it would have gotten depressing. I liked that Lincoln decided to stay in the AU. The resolution to the parallel universes story was overall quite satisfying, although I'm sad to lose the people on the other side. Also the way Olivia died to save the universes, just like September predicted, but also survived, was a neat way to solve that particular puzzle. Peter's reaction when Walter shot her... god. I think half the reason I'm so invested in that relationship is Joshua Jackson's acting (he has a great face for showing subtle emotions), and how obvious it is that Peter adores Olivia with every breath in his body.

I am not finding the fight against the invasion of the Observers nearly as compelling as the parallel universes plotline, I'm afraid. I'm invested enough in the characters that I'm happy to come along for the ride, but I would, I think, have been just as happy if they'd ended the show with the Season Four finale (especially without the jarring S4 "fight the future" episode thrown in during the run-up). But we'll see. When Agent Desmond from Lost told Etta that he found Walter with "a man and a woman, both younger", I had assumed the other woman would be Olivia, so it was a nice surprise to find Astrid instead. I'd have missed her a lot.

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