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Sleepy Hollow

I have given in to the siren call of approximately the entire Internet and caught up with the first five episodes of "Sleepy Hollow". Some thoughts and spoilers below.

Okay, so obviously Abbie Mills is fantastic. Such an interesting, complex, and thoughtfully-written character, the actress is great, and I adore that she is a clear co-protagonist with Ichabod Crane, getting just as much of the spotlight and -- so far -- even more character development. I like Crane, too, (and Tom Mison is certainly easy on the eyes, not to mention that swoon-worthy voice) but in comparison he's a little bit of a cypher so far. I expect we will get more development on him as time goes on. Ichabod and Abbie have great partner chemistry so far, and I suppose I wouldn't complain if the show decided to 'ship them, although I personally don't see it quite yet

The mythology is a little ridiculous, and so is the fish-out-of-water stuff -- it seems like Crane is adapting awfully fast, although the interactions we do get around that are hilarious. Fortunately, so far it's my kind of ridiculous: funny, charming, an interesting arc mystery with pieces that are already falling into place. I'm not typically that interested in apocalypse stories, which is part of the reason I held out on watching so long, but this one is grabbing me well enough. Believe it or not, I think the monster of the week format actually it work better for me. Historical inaccuracies abound, of course, most notably the most recent episode where English colonists from the 1500s are speaking Middle English, which... yeah, no. (However, if they ever want to make an episode where Crane just sits in a room and speaks Middle English for an hour, I am soooooo there.)

I'm a little curious about what the deal is with Katrina. I've heard some criticism that she's not at all developed as an individual yet (fair enough; we've only gotten a few quick glimpses of her, and all filtered through Ichabod's subjective memories and dreams) and that we don't get enough of a sense that she and Ichabod are in love (I'm less sure I agree on that one, especially from Ichabod's point of view -- he's subdued about it, but I get the sense that he truly does care for her, even if he doesn't know her as well as he'd thought). Given that she's one of only four people in the opening credits, I have to believe that she's going to become more important later on, that there's more to her and that they're going to show us what that is. I hear that there is a planned tight arc to the first thirteen episodes, and I'm willing to trust the show for at least that long.

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