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Trope Bingo: Done!

I finished all my planned stories for Trope Bingo Round 2 -- one double-line bingo and one extra. The deadline was yesterday, so I had to post the extra as amnesty, but that's okay. Links below!

Bingo: Simultaneous double line

Fic: Engagement (Final Fantasy XII, Ashe/Balthier, au: historical (pirates) + fake relationship)
summary: Ashe Bennigan, daughter of Governor Raminas Bennigan, stumbles into trouble and finds an unlikely rescuer. Historical AU set in the colonial Caribbean.
content notes: No archive warnings apply.

Fic: Chosen (Fringe, Peter Bishop and Astrid Farnsworth, doppelganger + chosen family)
summary: Astrid checks in with Peter after his return from the other side. Spoilers through Season 3, Episode 4.
content notes: No archive warnings apply.

Fic: The Compact (Cinders, Cinders/Tobias and The Fairy, au: supernatural + futurefic)
summary: Cinders had all but forgotten about her mother's compact with the fairies until her daughter went missing.
content notes: No archive warnings apply.

Fic: Later (Final Fantasy X-2, Nooj(/Paine), reunion + deathfic )
summary: Of all the things Nooj never thought he'd have to deal with, outliving Paine might be the most difficult.
content notes: Character death

Fic: Unexpected (Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter, Natasha Romanoff, au: mundane + time travel)
summary: Time travel has some unexpected side effects for Steve Rogers -- and he meets up with the person he wants most and least to see.
content notes: No archive warnings apply.

Extra: Postage Stamp

Fic: Tempations (Dragon Age 2, Bethany Hawke, trapped in a dream, forbidden fruit, mind control, high school/college AU)
summary/preview: Bethany faces down a desire demon.
content notes: Reference to canon character death.

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