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monday night music meme

You know the drill. Guess the song from the first line. More lines will be added as the week progresses. iTunes et. al. yes, Google no. Last week's answers (two songs unguessed).

Random Section

  1. Come out Virginia, don’t let me wait - "Only the Good Die Young", Billy Joel, peachespig & luvmoose

  2. I got a crush
    Copy shop clerk - "Sleeping in the Flowers", They Might Be Giants, luvmoose

  3. Squint your eyes and look closer - "32 Flavors", Ani DiFranco, peachespig

  4. I ache for the touch of your lips, dear - "The Masochism Tango", Tom Lehrer, peachespig

  5. When people keep repeating - "Let My Love Open the Door", Pete Townshend, angeltaisha

  6. I love the time and in between - "Elsewhere", Sarah McLachlan, peachespig

  7. [song title, repeated]
    Spend your money on the corner now - "All She Wants Is", Duran Duran, luvmoose

  8. To lead a better life I need my home to be here... - "Here, There, and Everywhere", The Beatles, iamleaper

  9. [song title] do cabaret
    [song title] are glad to be gay
    they're not afraid now - "Les Boys", Dire Straits, unguessed

  10. You can always get it right [song title] - "Next Time", Barenaked Ladies, luvmoose

Theme Section
The songs in this section have something in common. Guess the songs, guess the theme.

  1. In Europe and in America - "Russians", Sting, luvmoose & peachespig

  2. A woman on the radio talked about revolution - "Right Here Right Now", Jesus Jones, helianthemum

  3. See the sound
    It crashes in - "Guns in the Sky", INXS, peachespig

  4. Let’s dance in style, let's dance for a while - "Forever Young", Alphaville, peachespig

  5. Here in England it's so green - "Eastern Bloc", Thomas Dolby, luvmoose

Theme: Songs about the Cold War, helianthemum
Tags: music game
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