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Massive ficbit crosspost: Cinders and Dragon Age

I promise I won't crosspost already-written fic for half the days in November. :) If nothing else, I don't have enough unposted stories to get away with it.

Anyway, these are all from Tumblr prompt memes, mostly this one. (BTW, even if you don't follow me over there, my DW/LJ friends are always welcome to play along on these. My ask box is always open, and anon is, so far, always on.)


Title: Dancing in the Library
Characters: Sophia/Prince Basile
Prompt: "enamor me" and "romantic kiss"
Notes: Complete in two chapters, written some months apart for different prompts (and different people).

Royal balls are boring, and Sophia has no idea why the prince keeps sending her invitations. Even more of a mystery: why does she keep accepting?

Dragon Age

Title: The Midnight Patrol
Characters: Fenris(/Bethany)
Prompt: Fenris/Bethany, obsession
Notes: None, really. My first time ever writing this pairing.

Fenris has a secret obsession that he is loathe to admit, even to himself.

Title: Fraternization
Characters: Bethany/Alistair
Prompt: Bethany/Alistair, Breaking the Rules
Notes: I like this 'ship more every time I write it. Someday I need to set up a game canon where it can work.

Alistair and Bethany and a cuddle by the campfire.

Title: Final Blow
Characters: Alistair/Sereda Aeducan, Morrigan (briefly)
Prompt: Alistair/Sereda, Breathe again.
Notes: Set within the Fidelity canon.

The Battle of Denerim ends in a tense moment.

Title: True Stories
Characters: Sigrun, Velanna
Prompt: Sigrun and Velanna, Innocence
Notes: This might be the first time I've written a story about Velanna. I like the dynamic these two have together.

Sigrun and Velanna debate what makes for a good story.

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