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Too Much TV

How did I end up with so many currently-running TV shows?

Sleepy Hollow: Initial reaction shot here. I, uh, might be shipping Ichabod and Abbie now. If only it weren't for the whole dead-but-not-dead wife problem.

Agents of SHIELD: I wasn't sure about this at first, but I feel like it's slowly improving every week --developing its characters, tying itself more closely to the overall MCU mythos. Certainly enough for me to stick with it.

Top Chef New Orleans: How can this be the 11th season already? No real standouts yet in a crowded field. Lots of strong women cheftestants this time, which is nice.

Elementary: We didn't finish the first season until a couple of weeks ago, so we also got behind on the current season and aren't quite caught up yet (we watched the October 24th episode tonight). This is a fine show, and I am kicking myself for not picking it up last fall. I'd meant to, but missed the first few episodes and then decided not to bother. I especially have to wonder what I would have thought of the reveals in endgame if I hadn't been spoiled for them. On the other hand, those spoilers were a large part of the reason I even decided to catch up. So I suppose it's a mixed blessing of sorts.

Parks and Recreation: As discussed.

Along with our perennials -- The Simpsons and The Daily Show (and Legend of Korra in theory, although everything I've heard so far does not inspire me to watch beyond the season premiere, and so I've let them pile up on the TiVo) -- that's an awful lot of TV to watch, especially when T doesn't like to watch more than one, maybe two shows a night. Maybe I can keep up with it all. We'll see.

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