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Not much to say today

I've sent a couple more job apps out, and I'm mulling over another that might be more work than it's worth. We'll see.

Today was mostly laundry and writing silly prompt fics, which has been quite fun so far. It occurs to me that maybe I should link prompt memes here when I post them on Tumblr. On the other hand, I think most of you who would be interested are following me in both places. But anyway, feel free to play along. :) My askbox is open to anons if you don't have an account. I'll crosspost the results when they're finished regardless.

I also watched a couple episodes of Scandal -- I'm intrigued by Kerry Washington, I like political shows, and a gifset from the most recent season really caught my eye. So I figured I'd check it out. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but Kerry Washington really is fantastic. But I need another currently airing show like I need a hole in my head. ;) Maybe I can just keep behind on this one.

Then I had chorus. Concert is next week. Our usual conductor is on sabbatical this year, so we've been working with a guest conductor whose style is very different. I don't mind him so much, but let's just say he's not generally popular. So I'm glad it's almost over, if only because the stress of everyone else's unhappiness has really been getting to me.

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