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Good kitty news

Tori went to the vet for her monthly checkup today. She was going weekly, after her June hospital stay, so they could check her red blood cell counts as they kept changing up her medications. (We tried so many different combinations of things, up to and including experimental chemotherapy drugs.) When she finally stabilized -- at a level below normal, but she seemed energetic enough the vet was comfortable with holding there -- we cut back to once a month, then slowly started decreasing her meds.

Today, the vet called and said that her numbers were up into the normal range! No more anemia. :D So we can cut back her meds even more, and maybe cut back to one visit every two months. He wants to run a couple more tests before he makes more changes than that, but still, very encouraging. My sick kitty is well again, hooray!

(Well, except for the epilepsy. But meds have managed that completely. And also with the caveat that acute hemolitic anemia is the kind of thing that can recur. But now we know what to look for, and hopefully we can keep her from ever crashing again. Fingers crossed that she doesn't.)

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