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Mid-month writing check-in

November is traditionally the month for writing projects, right? Progress on various fronts:

1. Daily writing for wrisomifu: So far, so good. It's usually not hard to find at least ten minutes to write on a typical day. Next week is a concert week, though, so it may become more of a challenge. (I've almost utterly failed at checking in with the community, however.)

2. Daily blog posting: I've posted every day (where a "day" is defined as between the time I wake up and the time I go to sleep), but some days I've been more motivated about it than others. Since posting about not knowing what to post is probably cheating, I need to figure this out a little bit better. There's a couple of character-building memes making the rounds on Tumblr that might make a nice project.

3. Get caught up on getyourwordsout: Yeaaaaah, not so much. I was over 10k words behind pace at the end of October, and while I'm gaining some ground this month, that might be more than I can make up, especially without a major project like a Big Bang in the works. But we'll see. (It occurs to me that doing BBs in 2010 (Reconcilable Differences), 2011 (The Joining), and 2012 (Justify the Means -- which was posted in February 2013 but mostly written the year before) were a big help toward reaching the goal for those years. This year, I had the Dragon Age Reverse Bang, and I'm working on a story for the MediAvengers mini-bang, but neither of those are anywhere near as long as a more traditional BB story.) Part of me thinks I shouldn't worry about it too much -- the point of doing GYWO isn't actually to hit a particular wordcount; it's to give me a goal to keep me writing regularly, and I've certainly succeeded in that, more often than not. But still, I'd hate missing the mark for the first time.

4. Wardens of Ivalice: Worked on this a little bit, including a scene with Nathaniel and Larsa that makes me extremely happy. I have a number of scenes in mind for this story, but I'm not sure enough of how to tie them all together into a plot (plot: my nemesis), and I'm also choking more than a little on the crossover lore. I keep thinking that I need to write up another big meta post that expands on the ideas here, incorporating people's suggestions from the resulting conversation as well as information we've learned from The World of Thedas, and get still more feedback from people who know both canons. But I also wonder if I should stop overthinking all that and just keep making stuff up as I go along. Still pondering the options there.

5. Other stuff: I finished my [community profile] trope_bingo square, which was my only other stated writing goal for the month. Also lots of prompt fics, and good progress on the MediAvengers mini-bang story. So really, I can't say that writing is going badly right now. I just wish I could get my attention grabbed by one good big project. I'd feel a lot better with bigger inspiration.

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