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Movie: We received Men in Black 3 off our Netflix queue some weeks ago and tonight finally got around to watching it. Although I enjoyed the first movie, I never did watch the second, so I felt a little lost at first, but overall I enjoyed it. Josh Brolin's impression of Tommy Lee Jones was probably the highlight -- it was almost eerie, how well he pulled it off. Also the movie managed to surprise me several times, which is always a bonus in a genre series like this.

Television: Still working on Scandal, partway into Season 2. I still like it, but one of the central romantic relationships really sets my teeth on edge. I get the impression the writers want us to be rooting for Olivia and the president, to see them as star-crossed lovers separated by circumstances and their responsibilities. But that interpretation doesn't work for me at all. As far as I can see, Fitz is a spoiled brat, a man so deeply steeped in privilege that he can't fathom the possibility that he might not get his way, obsessed with Olivia mostly because he can't have her. His behavior with her on the campaign is completely inappropriate, he ignores her repeated requests to end the relationship, and a few times -- most notably on the hunting trip -- he forces his attentions on her. He is possessive to the point of being stalkerish, and the racial overtones (given that Fitz is white and Olivia is black) are particularly disturbing. So yeah, I keep hoping that eventually this plotline will be over, but honestly I don't have much faith that it ever will be; it seems too central to the series.

Book: Still working, slowly, on Cold Steel, the third book in Kate Elliott's Spiritwalker Trilogy. Not because it isn't compelling reading -- far from it! -- but just because I have too many other things going on. Anyone looking for interesting world building, and in particular a very different take on 19th century Europe and the Caribbean, should pick up this series. I've never read any Kate Elliott before, but I think I need to look for more.

Game: Finally finished FFIX on Thursday! I gave up on finishing the sidequests/mini-games and just went for the end, which is somehow both odd and satisfying. I really love this game. Remake with modern graphics and voice acting? Pretty please?

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