KJ (owlmoose) wrote,

Not much to say today

Second dress rehearsal today. My feet are tired, and I am very frustrated with my fellow chorus members. You know, if you would just do the thing our guest conductor is asking you to do, rather than misunderstand, resist, and second-guess almost everything he says, things would run a lot more smoothly. The difficulties we had with him this quarter are not all on him.

The music is sounding pretty good, at least.

Some good commentary and thoughts on my Wardens of Ivalice post. I have some interesting new ideas already. Come weigh in! :)

Yesterday's rainstorm is over, but it's super windy out. A friend on Facebook said she was having the urge re-read A Wrinkle in Time. Power is out lots of places, too. Feels very like winter. So much for fall.

That's about it here. How are you?

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Tags: meta, mini-rant, mundane, music, the weather

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