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I know a lot of folks have given up on Agents of SHIELD, or are watching it only reluctantly, but I must confess that I'm still enjoying it well enough. It's not amazing, but I feel like its been getting steadily better. And this week's episode (which I just got around to watching tonight) did something that I liked an awful lot:

Simmons and her voice-over at the beginning, where she talks about Asgardians, and forces from other dimensions and beyond the mists of time, bringing their battles to Earth... and now, SHIELD gets to clean up their mess. And so we open on the team in Greenwich, picking through the rubble, trying to scrub the area of any dangerous alien technology and otherwise get things tidied up. This is what we never see in an action movie -- all the work that comes after. I just love that.

In a way, this episode gave me what I wanted out of this series all along: the idea that there are other people behind the scenes, dealing with the repercussions of the events of the films -- the aftershocks, the copycats, the fallout. We got a little of that with Centipede's connection to Extremis, and the virus that Simmons caught from the Chitauri helmet, but this is the most obvious and direct example, and I hope there's more of it to come.

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