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Five^h^h^h Four things make a post

1. I swear, I don't mean to go a week without writing anything after the posting marathon of November is over. And yet, somehow, it so often happens.

2. Last weekend was rather busy -- concert on Friday, dinner party on Saturday, shopping on Sunday. The plan for Sunday was to get a warmer coat for my East Coast Christmas trip, but I failed. But I did get socks, a couple of shirts, and a cute purse that was calling my name.

3. Speaking of coats, we have been smacked by the same cold snap that is holding the rest of the country hostage. To a less extreme degree, of course, but by our usual standards it's quite freezy -- literally, it's been below freezing overnight in some parts of the Bay Area, which is not typical, at all. I try not to complain online too much, because I know you would all make fun of me ;) but my fellow Californians can surely understand.

4. I've caught up on the most recent episode of Scandal. I don't know if I would have started watching this show if I'd known there would be this much graphic torture. :-\ But I'm well and truly sucked in to the larger story now, with all its twists and turns. I like the political stuff better than the intrigue stuff. I'm sad the Josie Marcus storyline is over -- she was a great character, and I love Lisa Kudrow. I hope James sticks to his guns and stays away from Cyrus. I'm resigned to the fact that Olivia/Fitz is the show's endgame (for all his issues, I think Jake is better for her), so let's at least have one person strong enough to walk away from an unhealthy, borderline-abusive relationship. Now I have to decide what to watch next. Nothing currently airing! I have more than enough shows to keep track of.

5. And now I can't really think of a number five. I should probably have done that "tell me what to write about" meme that was going around at the beginning of the month. Maybe in January.

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