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Blog post prompts meme

Idea stolen from several people by now. Wording adapted from [personal profile] seimaisin. A good way to inspire more DW/LJ posting in the new year!

The Meme:

Pick a date in January. Pick a topic. On the date you choose I will post something about that topic. It can be fandom-related or not. Pretty much anything you've ever seen me post about unlocked, or comment on in other venues, is fair game. If a topic is uncomfortable for me (too personal or potentially identifying) or simply something I know very little about (unfamiliar canon, say), I may ask you to make a second choice. If you want to request more than one topic, pick a different day for each.

January 1: My favorite book at age 10 - green_maia - Answered
January 2: How did you end up with the username 'owlmoose?' - [personal profile] pete_thomas - Answered
January 3: What one evolution in RPG gameplay in the last x years (you can define X) do you most enjoy, and what one evolution do you most dislike? - [personal profile] lassarina - Answered
January 4:
January 5: Tumblr and Dreamwidth: compare and contrast - [personal profile] alias_sqbr - Answered
January 6:
January 7: A fandom project (a single fic, or a set of related fics, or something more long-term as long as you see it as one collective thing, however you want to define it) that has been particularly fun to work on, for whatever reason. - [personal profile] ossobuco - Answered
January 8:
January 9: My musical tastes, a bit more about the group I sing with, and what got me into music - [personal profile] pete_thomas - Answered
January 10:
January 11: Favorite aspects of the Final Fantasy series, and how these aspects compare to other fantasy/rpg video games. - [personal profile] vieralynn - Answered
January 12: Talk about being a librarian. Just general, but also were there any defining moments throughout your education that pushed you toward librarianship as a career? - [personal profile] radish - Answered
January 13:
January 14: Favourite and least favourite aspects of the Dragon Age games - [personal profile] phdfan - Answered
January 15: If you yourself had to go on an epic fantasy video game-style adventure and you could pick 7 fictional video game people as your companions, who would you choose and why? - iamleaper - Answered
January 16: 3 things you would like to see in Dragon Age: Inquisition - [personal profile] seimaisin - Answered
January 17:
January 18: Do you have any thoughts on Nooj and/or Paine that you want to share? (I'm particularly interested in your thoughts on him being a deathseeker, if I'm honest.) - [personal profile] spindizzy - Answered
January 19: Describe my ideal living space - [personal profile] pete_thomas - Answered
January 20: You didn't seem to enjoy Mass Effect as much as you did Dragon Age - would you mind talking about it and/or why it didn't grab you? - [personal profile] spindizzy - Answered
January 21: If you could have any animal, real or fictional, as a pet, what would you choose and what would you name it? - iamleaper - Answered
January 22:
January 23: Thoughts on characterizing customizable video game protagonists in fic. - [personal profile] stealth_noodle - Answered
January 24:
January 25:
January 26:
January 27: A school memory. - [personal profile] auronlu - Answered
January 28:
January 29:
January 30:
January 31:

Note to [personal profile] pete_thomas: I will take the request you made a couple of weeks ago (about music performance) and slot it in somewhere in the first week. :) If you want to request something else, fee free.

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