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2013: Year in Review

Take the first line from the first post in each month, and that's your Year in Review. (Skipping monthly writing goals posts and similar.)

January: Dozenth time's the charm: I finally managed to complete a fic for the Chocobo Races!

February: Day Two: Describe your Warden's appearance.

March: Another day, another post about representation of women authors in best-of lists.

April: After a long off and on battle with cancer, Roger Ebert passed away today.

May: I'm going to see if I can take a Tumblr hiatus for a couple of days, in the interest of avoiding Iron Man 3 spoilers as it opens in the United States.

June: This began life as a fill for this year's DA Kiss Battle.

July: I just finished my third time through Dragon Age 2.

August: My story for the 2013 Dragon Age Reverse Big Bang, inspired by a Queen Anora fanmix.

September: Hey, who wants some old-school Paine/Nooj angst?

October: I finished the series yesterday. [The series in question was Fringe.]

November: I finished all my planned stories for Trope Bingo Round 2 -- one double-line bingo and one extra.

December: I swear, I don't mean to go a week without writing anything after the posting marathon of November is over.

Interesting. Very much focused on media and fandom activity. When did I stop writing about politics, random other topics of interest, my life? I will have to muse more about this later. (And maybe do this same exercise on my Tumblr, if I can get the archive there to cooperate. Update: I have done so. Still pretty fandom focused, although a little broader in scope. And a couple of life posts did manage to sneak in there. This will bear consideration, especially given one of my upcoming post prompts.)

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