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December update; goals for January and 2014

Days written: 25/31
Words written: 11,903
Words of fic written: 9,275
Stories worked on: Seven
Stories posted: Five
Words written in 2012: 187,700
Fic words written in 2012: 137,992
Fic words posted in 2012: 149,450

Specific goals:


1. Write every day through 12/24. Missed one day, and wrote a couple of days on the trip.

2. Finish and post stories for [community profile] areyougame (due 12/15), the [tumblr.com profile] mediavengers mini-bang (due 12/20), and the [tumblr.com profile] dragonageholidaycheer holiday exchange (due 12/23 for me). Made all three deadlines, the holiday exchange with time to spare!

3. If time permits, continue work on "Wardens of Ivalice". Poked at it a little today.


1. Make progress on "Wardens of Ivalice", for real this time. I will count this as a win, although I would like to have done more.

2. Do at least two major meta projects. Did the 30 Day Warden Challenge and the 31 Day Hawke Challenge. These were fun, and I'd like to write up the answers for my other Wardens and Hawkes before DA:I comes out.

3. Write at least one non-Dragon Age fic every month. I'd have to go back and count, but I think I managed this at least most of the time.

4. At least three posts or cross-posts in my journal every week, and cross-post fic from Tumblr at least once a month. If we leave out November, which is a special case, I think I probably averaged more like twice a week. I got better, I think, about crossposting fic. It occurred to me in November (the last time I did a prompt meme) that I probably also ought to also cross-post here whenever I do a project that involves fic prompts. Is that something you all would find interesting?

5. Hit my getyourwordsout goal and participate in wrisomifu. Succeeded with the second, but missed the GYWO goal by over 10k words.

I've been musing about that last missed goal quite a bit lately, most notably here. Why did I miss it? As noted on my 2013 fic in review post, I wrote a lot of stories this year, but they tended to be shorter. Another interesting tidbit appears in those charts: I posted more words of fic than I wrote this year, which I don't think has ever happened before, certainly not since I started tracking words posted. I also did a fair amount of reading, gaming, and especially television watching this year, which I suspect cut into writing time. Certainly this summer and fall, I felt more like consuming other people's creative works than producing my own. Have I been filling the cup, as my old friend Ikon used to say? Or is it just laziness made worse by a need for distraction?

Either way, I have officially decided not to sign up for GYWO this year. I will keep tracking wordcounts, because I like doing that, and I will hold myself to my monthly goals and weekly ushobwri check-ins, but I want to see if I can do all those things without a big giant number goal at the end of the year. It's a worthwhile experiment at least.

Okay, with all that said, goals:


1. Write six days per week.

2. Finish my [community profile] genprompt_bingo card and write and post at least one story for [community profile] trope_bingo. I will try not to request the Trope Bingo card until I've finished the Genprompt one, but I make not promises!

3. Write and post the requests from the Journal Prompt Meme. (Many slots remaining!)

4. Do some meta thinking and outlining for the Sherlock Holmes/Iron Man crossover, which has stalled mainly for the lack of a substantial plot. Then get back to working on it.


1. Keep to personal monthly goals and check in with ushobwri at least three times a month.

2. Substantially post or crosspost to DW/LJ at least three times a week. (Consider whether some sort of schedule or long-term project might help toward this end.)

3. Write and post at least one non-Dragon Age fic per month.

4. Finish An Unlikely Partnership and make substantial progress on Wardens of Ivalice, with an eye to finishing that as well.

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