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Home Sweet Home: January Blogging Meme

[personal profile] pete_thomas asked me to describe my ideal living space.

First, this ideal living space would be located in a city, within easy walking distance to excellent public transportation, restaurants, a fabulous bookstore, a park/public plaza/other outdoor space, and coffee shops with wifi, and within an easy drive to a major freeway. I'm not sure any place like this exists in the SF Bay Area (which I am unlikely to ever leave because of family, friends, and climate), but we're talking ideal, right? ;)

Okay, now the inside. I don't need a big place -- our current condo is about 1400 sq. ft., and it's enough for us. I like homes with mostly open, interconnected spaces, not a whole lot of doors. However, our current place is a loft, and although it's mostly fine, there are times when it would be nice to have a bedroom door that we could close. I really love the double-height ceiling in the living room, though, so that can stay. My ideal home would have a somewhat larger kitchen with lots of cupboards, a gas stove (I'm so tired of electric, but we can't put gas in here), and plenty of counter space. Lots of windows looking out on a nice view, but also good quality curtains or shades to help with heating and cooling. A library! How much do I want a library? I need at least three more bookshelves, and right now I have nowhere to put them. A library, with shelves on every wall, a comfy chair, a desk for my computer, some way to listen to music, and a fireplace. That would be perfect.

Finally, my ideal living space would have a patio or a small yard (the other main thing our current home is lacking). Just big enough for a small table, a few chairs, and a grill. Some shade, and some nice landscaping that is really easy to take care of (I have a black thumb). Yep, that would be just the ticket.

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