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Pet Me: January Blogging Meme

(I'm also behind a question, from yesterday, but it's taking longer to answer than I anticipated. Sorry, [personal profile] spindizzy! Tomorrow I have free, so I'll post yesterday's answer tomorrow and today's answer today. Clear as mud?)

So, today's question: iamleaper asked "If you could have any animal, real or fictional, as a pet, what would you choose and what would you name it?"

If you know me at all, you probably know that I love cats, like, a lot. I could probably answer this question by saying "A cat" and it would be entirely truthful. From both an emotional and practical standpoint, cats are about the perfect pet for me: they're affectionate without being super needy, relatively easy to care for, soft and snuggleable, can live entirely indoors but you don't have to worry about a cage (for some reason that seems like way more trouble than a litterbox to me), and so on.

But that's pretty boring, so I won't actually give that as my answer. ;) Assuming I can leave aside practical issues like not having enough water or a place for it to run around, I think I have to pick a river otter. They're rather cat-like, in their own way, with the playfulness and the cuteness, but even more so, they always seem like they're really enjoying life. Also I expect they are just as pettable, once you get them to slow down!

As for a name, I can't really choose a name for a pet I don't yet have. I have to meet them and get to know them a little bit first, and the process can take varying amounts of time -- I knew that my first cat was named Nadia within a few hours, but it took us almost a week to decide that Tori's name was going to stick. So I'm sure my theoretical future otter will tell me her or his name, in good time.

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