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KJ Watches Things She’s Been Meaning to Get Around to Watching: Community

I’ve watched the first season and the first disc of the second, and enjoying it so far. Even if Jeff Winger is a pretty terrible person. Getting better, in fits and starts, in a reasonably believable progression, but still. I can’t always decide whether the show thinks he’s as terrible as I do. And yet he makes me laugh, every single time. So does almost everyone else. I love, love, love Abed and Troy. Their episode tags are often the best part of the show. I also really love the friendship that’s developing among Annie, Shirley, and Britta. All the friendships, really, but those in particular.

I could do with less “Britta/Jeff/Annie” love triangle. Much, much less. Especially because the age difference between Annie and Jeff — it’s got to be almost 20 years — is a BIG HUGE PROBLEM for me, and it took until the first episode of season 2 for the show to acknowledge the issue. I mean, I’m really glad they finally did have Jeff say something, and how they presented it as a line that even Jeff Winger isn’t willing to cross, but I did a lot of squirming meanwhile. Fortunately the “all the girls want Jeff” aspect seems somewhat de-emphasized in the second season so far. I’m not sure I trust that to last, though. Either way, Britta and Annie are both way too good for Jeff. (Hmm, Britta/Annie? Now that I could be on board with.)

While I’m complaining about things: Pierce. How many seasons does Chevy Chase last? I know he leaves eventually, but it can’t be soon enough. At least in his case the show does know that he’s terrible — if it didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have lasted this long. Señor Chang doesn’t do much for me either, and I am also really over the portrayal of the dean. It might be different if there were other gay characters, but he’s the only one, not to mention that both Pierce and Shirley are quite homophobic. And again, the show makes the point that these views are wrong, but it still gets tiring.

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