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Quick thoughts on the new DA:I trailer

Since, as I mentioned to [personal profile] vieralynn in comments, I can't imagine I can avoid what's in the trailer forever, and I'd rather learn it by watching now than via random, not-as-vague-as-they-think-they-are comments in random Tumblr posts. :)

  • October 7??? That's a full month earlier than I was expecting. Which is very welcome news.

  • Featuring a white human male warrior as the default Inquisitor. Surprise!

  • That said, having Cassandra as one of the narrators of the trailer pleases me greatly. Her inclusion as a companion is one of my favorite things about the upcoming game. I'm less excited about Varric and especially Cullen coming back, but I'll keep an open mind. (I like Varric a lot, I'm just not sure he belongs here. And my mixed feelings on Cullen as a companion are well-known, I think.)

  • The environments look fantastic. I'm sort of back and forth on the new game engine. It's clearly more sophisticated, but everyone looks so different. Much craggier. Maybe that's the point, though. Probably I'll just have to get used to it.

  • The hints dropped about the Inquisitor's backstory (sole survivor of the opening of the rift in the Veil) are pretty intriguing. I'm curious to see if and how it changes for the different race and class combos.

October? October. Good deal.

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