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April update; May goals

Days written: 25/30
Words written: 7,633
Words of fic written: 6,333
Stories worked on: Five, plus one ficbit
Stories posted: One and the ficbit

Specific goals:

1. Write six days per week. Almost.

2. Finish my DABB (due date: April 24th). Yes, with a couple days to spare!

3. Write my Doink! assignment. Made some progress but it's not near finished.

4. Finish first draft of Remix assignment (due May 4th). I have a draft, though it's a couple hundred words short of the minimum. Fortunately, I don't think expanding it will be a problem.

Could have been worse. I am really, really glad I didn't sign up for GYWO, though -- if I had, I'd be freaking out pretty hard right now, given my paltry wordcount this month. Next month is going to be interesting: a concert week, some travel, many other random commitments, including DOINK! mod duty. I would like to say that I'll keep my goals modest, but given deadlines, projects, and Captain America bunnies, I know better. So, to attempt some level of balance:

1. Write six days per week except while traveling.

2. Finish and post Remix and DOINK stories; post DABB story. (Not necessarily in that order; DOINK is due more than a week after the others.)

3. Work on something for dragonagewomen, which is going to launch another round this month.

Since the second goal is actually three, I think that's plenty. Even if I always feel like it's wimping out to number fewer than four.

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