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Tumblr has gotten me into the habit of wanting to post without subject lines

If LJ posts a terrible interface update but no one on my friends/reading list is there to complain about it, does it still make a sound?

I haven't posted from my own journal in years (ever since I started crossposting from DW), and I read my LJ flist in my own style, so I very rarely see the guts of the site anymore -- just if it logs me out, or I need to upload a new userpic. But as it happens, I was there just yesterday to post to the DOINK! community, and I was quite startled to see a drastic interface change. Not just because LJ didn't announce it (I haven't followed news in years either), but because there was no great outcry, like there is any time LJ makes a change. I didn't even know there was any kind of outcry until I saw this Daily Dot post on Tumblr. I also hadn't realized that fandom_secrets left for DW and that fail_fandomanon is in the process of moving, but I have to say that neither change really surprises me that much. The death knell of fandom on LJ was sounded years ago; what we're hearing now may be the last, fading notes of the final bell.

I can't quite give up LJ completely yet -- not as long as ushobwri is still a useful community for me -- but I feel like the time is inching ever closer.

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