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bits and dips

Tonight was S's birthday party. She always hosts great get-togethers, but tonight's was particularly nice. A three-course fondue dinner -- cheese, then meat, then chocolate. Oh chocolate, my dark mistress, how I relish any time we have together. Three kinds: plain dark, milk with hazelnut (which was a bit too sweet for me), and dark with orange. I mostly concentrated on the latter, eaten on pound cake, apples, pineapple, and bits of homemade brownie. I was skeptical of this last, thinking that it might be overkill on the chocolate, but it was so not. It was, in fact, just the right amount of chocolate overload. I am also very fond of cheese, so tonight's was nearly the perfect dinner. Throw in a collection of good friends, along with a couple of college acquaintances I had not seen in years, and you have the ingredients for a fine evening. Ah.

Many thanks to S, both for throwing an excellent party and for being born.
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