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Genprompt Bingo Card.

I skipped Round #2 of [community profile] genprompt_bingo because I had too many other things going on, but I decided I needed a nice collection of low-stress prompts right now.

Writing, Text and Quotes High School / College AU Sphinxes and Chimerae Poker Night Vulnerable
Watching Helplessly Bitter Vicious Megacities Fluff
Siblings Stream of Consciousness Wild Card Affection Minorities / Characters of Colour / Women in Canon
Soldier, Sailor, Airman: Armed Forces Member Careless Talk Costs Lives World Ends in First Paragraph Action / Adventure Missing Persons
Hard and Soft Warming / Cooling Drinks Trust Thank God it's Friday... Again: Time Loops Sunrise / Sunset

Someday, I will get a bingo card without High School AU on it, but this is not that day. ;) Meanwhile, that "World Ends in First Paragraph" amuses me. Maybe I can do something with that row.

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    Thanks. :) I enjoyed hanging out with you!
  • 4 Feb 2017, 10:50
    Ooooh, I would totally be down with an all-BioWare Kiss Battle, that sounds like so much fun. I would totally prompt for some older IPs like Jade Empire, too :D

    Give me notice and I'll go spam the…
  • 4 Feb 2017, 07:43
    I've already gotten at least one request to make it an all-Bioware canons kiss battle, which might encourage more participation given the current state of hype for Andromeda... :)

    If I go for it, I…
  • 4 Feb 2017, 02:11
    I'd love one, and I'm sure the gang over on dragon_age would be (although they're we're all hyping up over Mass Effect Andromeda right now, but still worth posting a…
  • 19 Jan 2017, 20:44
    I'm concerned and I don't primarily use DW. I am thinking about backing up my content there, but I'm just not sure about how it will work out. I do need to get on this, though.
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