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The Stacks

In the latest chapter of my ongoing quest to convince T that I need more bookcases, I went around the house and found all of the random books that I don't have room for on the shelves and stacked them all together in one place:

Think that picture strengthens my argument? ;)

This is not all to be read; most of these are books that I've read already and want to keep (I pulled the books that I know I am okay to get rid of and added them to the two boxes and one back that have been waiting for a trip to the used bookstore). But maybe 20% of these are TBR. (The TBR that don't fit on the one shelf that I have set aside for TBR already...) I should probably stop buying new books until I make a serious dent in the books I already have. But I've said that before. ;)

Also today I got rid of a pile of papers and other assorted crap that has been sitting next to my desk for a long time. Archaeological evidence suggests at least 10 years, although there were a few things that were older. It was a great undertaking, and I wish it felt more like an accomplishment. But really I'm just annoyed with myself that I let it go for so long.

And that was my exciting Saturday. :)

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Jun. 22nd, 2014 09:19 pm (UTC)
Re: 👍
Good link, thanks! T read it over my shoulder and concurred with most of it, although he tends to err on the side of throwing things away, especially if they also exist in electronic format. Within the last 10 years, I've gone paperless on as many things as I can, on the theory that the easiest way to keep papers from piling up is to keep them out of the house entirely. :)

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