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I got my hair done today and they did a good job. The color looks good, and I think the cut will do well. During the styling phase, two people were working on me at once, each woman wrapping my hair around a large round brush and then hitting it with a blowdryer. It was sort of a hair stying menage-a-trois. The final results looked great, the kind of soft wave around my face that I can never replicate at home and falls flat within a couple of hours even when it's done professionally. I'm still trying to decide whether to find a stylist to do my hair for the wedding or not.

Same with makeup. Now, I never, ever wear makeup (unless you count nail polish). Literally. I don't think I've had any sort of makeup on my face in seven or eight years. But I'm thinking I need to make the concession for the wedding since I'll be in view of cameras all day. Will a stop by a sympathetic makeup counter be enough, or do I need to bring in a pro? Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of weddings, T's sister is getting married on Saturday. So last Friday I dropped by the Union Square Macy's to see if I can find a new dress. But to my horror, I discover that Macy's is no longer carrying plus-size dresses. Not just dresses by certain designers or dresses of a certain level of formality. No dresses, period. I'm thrown into a tailspin -- I don't think I've bought a nice dress anywhere other than Macy's in years, so I have no idea where to go. Fortunately, I already have a dress that will do for W's wedding this weekend, but where am I supposed to find something new for my rehearsal dinner? And I'm supposed to take my mom shopping for a mother-of-bride dress next week, and now I'm at a loss as to where to take her. I'm so disappointed in Macy's -- they've been one of my three best clothing sources for so many years. Sigh.
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