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Guardians of the Galaxy thoughts

We got around to seeing GotG this weekend. It was fun and I enjoyed it. Fortunately I had been warned about the casual sexism in advance, so it didn't punch me in the face quite as badly as it otherwise might have. I did, however, roll my eyes a lot. Other people have already said more or less what I think and have done it better, so I will refer you to them. I also felt the villains were underdeveloped -- Ronan is the worst MCU antagonist so far, even less compelling than the barely-there villain of Thor 2, and the others (Nebula, Thanos, the Collector) were barely more than cameos. (It occurs to me that this has been a problem throughout Phase 2 of the MCU -- of the films released so far, only CA:TWS had a fully-realized antagonist.) On the other hand, I liked the main team a lot, and I look forward to seeing more of them. Let's hope that they're saving the other antagonists for the next film, or possibly Avengers 3.

I do have to say that I'm pretty excited about the prospects for how this might tie in to the wider cinematic universe. To my recollection, no one ever said the word "Kree" during Agents of SHIELD, but based on how they appear in GotG, I am about 95% certain that the alien whose blood was used to revive Coulson and Skye was Kree. And when I mentioned this theory to [personal profile] renay, who happened to be watching that exact episode at the time, she concurred:

Nay: *rewatches**
Nay: If that's not Kree
Nay: I will eat my iPhone

This would help tie the events of GotG to what's happening on Earth, more closely than just the Tesseract being an infinity stone. But more importantly, which Marvel superhero not-yet-seen in the MCU got their powers from Kree technology? Why, Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.

Now, I'm not saying that the Kree already being on Earth guarantees that they're going to make a Captain Marvel movie. But it sure makes the prospect a hell of a lot more likely. Add to that the fact that Katee Sackhoff has been dropping mysterious Tweets about a secret project and meetings with Stan Lee, and I'm getting more excited about the possibility than is probably healthy.

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