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October update; November goals

October 2014: the month my writing goals fell off a cliff.

Days written: 11/31
Words written: 2,224
Words of fic written: 1,886
Stories worked on: Two and ficlets
Stories posted: Just the ficlets

Specific goals:

1. Write five days a week -- that's per week, not on average -- except while traveling. I actually did manage this before the trip. But not after. I have written exactly one day since getting back, and that was some character headcanon meme stuff on Tumblr today.

2. Finish two of three pending giveaway stories. Worked on one, haven't started the other.

3. Finish MCU story that I started late this month. Made a little progress but only a little.

4. Work on Wardens of Ivalice. Didn't even open the file.

Fail, fail, fail. I can give a litany of reasons: broken finger, travel, two contract jobs, baseball playoffs, two profit pushes in Flight Rising. All good stuff, except for the injury of course, but it's all cutting into my writing time, and I haven't figured out how to work around it.

November. Well, that will be interesting. Both contract jobs will continue. However, no travel, probably no major Flight Rising projects, and the splint will come off my finger... just in time for a concert week and Dragon Age: Inquisition! Nothing cuts into my writing time like a new game, and I can't imagine that DA:I will be any different. So, modest goals. Super, super modest. Setting the bar so low that I should be able to fall over it when I get out of bed in the morning.

1. Write an average of five days per week. UPDATE: I forgot, it's wrisomifu time! (The community is defunct, but ushobwri is carrying on the tradition.) That means at least 10 minutes of writing every day. So that's my new goal, but *any* kind of (non-work related) writing counts, not just fic.

2. Work on, in priority order: MCU story, first giveaway story, Wardens of Ivalice, something for Chocobo Races, second giveaway story.

3. Post to my journal every day in November. Okay, yeah, I suggested I might not do this, but now that the time is upon me, how can I not? Besides, I'll be on Tumblr hiatus very soon, so that should help. No length restrictions this time, though. I just have to post something. :)

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