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Tech update; DA:I ordering advice

Now that I'm earning a little bit of money again, T decided he could stop stalling and buy a PS4. We'd been holding off partly for budgetary reasons, partly because there isn't a showstopper game out yet, and I'd resigned myself to playing DA:I on the PS3, but now I can have the shiny new graphics, yay!

I guess that means I should pre-order now. Any thoughts on the best option for buying? Since I've been avoiding information from Bioware like the plague (their idea of what is a spoiler and my idea of what is a spoiler is... quite different), I don't actually know which retailer is offering the shiniest goodies. In particular, if anyone is selling an edition Day One DLC, I want to hear about it. Because I came to the franchise late, I missed out on both Sebastian and Shale the first time through, and I don't want to risk that happening again.

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