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Let the music play

I'm down at Stanford for chorus tonight. Our regular conductor is back, which is a relief on many levels. The major piece is Mendelssohn's 2nd Symphony, "Lobegesang" ("Song of Praise), which I have done before but don't remember very well, so it's almost been like learning it from scratch. Parts are pretty challenging, and I missed a week for Hawaii. But overall I feel pretty good about it. Concert is in two weeks.

What I'm really excited about is next quarter, in the Winter. Brahms "Ein Deutsches Requiem". In the Bing. Conducted by our regular director, which is particularly awesome because it's his favorite piece of music ever written (one of mine, too), and it really shows in the way he prepares it, and leads us in it. That starts in January, and I can't wait.

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