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A couple of SHIELD-y thoughts

The solution to the puzzle of the mysterious writing -- that it's more a blueprint than a map, and the secret was to build it in three dimensions -- was a neat one, and one I didn't see coming. No accident, I think, that the happiest and most well-adjusted of the TAHITI patients was the welder. Solved just in time, too, because any longer and it would have been too-far dragged out.

Ward getting out and leaving the "present" for Coulson (except let's face it, we all know it was really for Skye) -- eh, I'm less sure about that. I suppose it's better than having him playing exposition fairy in the basement. But I don't really want this show to be about Ward. I want it to be about the SHIELD team. More Tripp, more Bobbi, even more Drake (although maybe less Bobbi and Drake sniping at each other). And more Mac. Much, much more. I love him, and his friendship with Fitz. Anyway, the more time we spend on our Handsome Nazi Traitor, the less we get on the SHIELD cast. If he gets significant storylines away from the rest of the cast, I'm going to be very unhappy.

I feel like I had something more to say about the episode that aired two weeks ago, but I've lost it. Maybe it'll come back to me.

I do like this season so far, but mostly I keep wondering: Is it time for Agent Carter yet?

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