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It occurred to me today that this is going to be a hell of a month. First, the pending kittens (still waiting to hear back on specific arrangements there but I don't anticipate any problems). Then, in about two weeks, anzubird and luvmoose will be coming into town for a Depeche Mode concert and early Moose Day celebration. It's been years since I've done a proper Moose Day tea. Two weeks after that (I know that techincally puts us into December), I'll be heading back to their coast with grue23 for a weekend of friends and Barenaked Ladies shows (three in three days!!) and maybe the kitten circus. I've been hearing about these BNL road trip weekends for a long time now, so I am so looking forward to experiencing it for myself.

With Thanksgiving, lots of projects coming to fruition at work, and T in the midst of starting a new job, that's a lot of excitement happening all at once! And, of course, in between times, there's the book. And the movie. Sometimes I wish the universe would spread this kind of thing out a little better, but in a way it's kind of fun to be a little overwhelmed, too.
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