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DA Keep!

We ran through Dragon Age Keep tonight to set up our import for DA:I.

Unfortunately, it didn't find the Warden I want to import first (Sereda Aeducan, of course) and it got fewer than a quarter of Marian Hawke's options correct, so there was a lot of clicking to choose all the right answers. It's interesting to see which quests the game wants to know about and which it doesn't. Many more specifics than I was expecting for DA2 sidequests, particularly -- some of them I couldn't even remember. I picked the outcomes based on what I thought Marian was most likely to have done, and called it good enough. It was a lot of work, though.

It was kind of fun to listen to Varric narrate the story, including the handful of the things from the books they deemed important enough to include. And I'm guessing that I now know where we come in. Two more days! Except I have a dress rehearsal on Tuesday night, so we probably won't actually start until Wednesday. Either way, it's pretty exciting to finally be here.

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