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Okay, finally some actual thoughts on DA:I

Spoilers up to the Hinterlands, including information about the dwarf PC background. We've probably played around 10-12 hours but I suspect that number is pretty meaningless, as people spend different amounts of time on sidequests. We've barely progressed the plot at all, and still have only the original companions.



spoiler space

for people who read via email notifications.

(Although my one DA-playing friend who has implied that they follow my journal this way is already far, far ahead of me. ;) )

So, okay, enjoying it so far. My dwarf rogue Herald is starting to settle into a personality -- pragmatic, very confused about everything going on, REALLY not certain she ought to be in charge of this mess, but willing to do what she can to save innocent lives. If that means having a weird title from a religion she doesn't believe in, fine. She can live with that. (Although she will remind people at every opportunity that she's a dwarf and doesn't believe in Andraste or the Maker.) It's kind of fun, trying to work what I think would be the reactions of a mid-level Carta thug suddenly thrust into a position of authority, much more respectable by certain lights, less so in others.

She didn't get along with Cassandra at first, but they're working on an uneasy truce. Good relationships so far with Varric and Solas, not at all sure what to make of Leliana or Cullen, appreciative of Josephine's diplomatic ability (not a skill that comes naturally to my Malika at all.) Not sure if any of these folks is her romance. Josephine, maybe. It's possible that she may be too practical to want to deal with romancing anybody. So far, the only flirt options that have come up were with Cassandra and Cullen, which sort of amuses me. (She didn't take either of them, though -- Cullen is *very* not her type and she doesn't know Cassandra well enough yet.)

Combat is pretty fun, very DA2 like (which to me is a bonus). Meanwhile T makes full use of the overhead tactical mode and micromanage to his hearts content. So it suits both our play styles fairly well. (We take turns on the controller, one of us "driving" while the other kibbutzes for about half an hour at a time.)

One thing, though, is that I'm pretty convinced our backstory didn't import properly. When we were at that point in starting up the game, the confirmation screens were all very vague, and it never asked us to log in to our Origin account separately from PSN. Tonight, my worst fears were possibly confirmed when we chatted with Varric, and Malika asked about the fate of Hawke's companions. Everything seemed reasonable enough... until he started talking about "Hawke's brother Carver". No, Varric, Hawke's brother Carver was killed by an ogre outside of Lothering about a year before you even met. So he can't very well be keeping order in the Free Marches over 10 years later. That sounds to me like the fate of a Templar Carver, which isn't even an outcome I've ever played. Which has me worried that I'm in some sort of default state, rather than my own personal, fairly specialized Thedas. Unless that conversation is just glitched, also a distinct possibility. I guess we'll see.

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