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Some more DA:I thoughts, spoilers through the Thing in Haven

Through the quest that you are meant to trigger at levels 8-11. (That Thing at Haven. You know, the Thing. With the people. And the stuff.) We were level 10, but at least for us I don't think it was enough. We've gone back to grind a bit, close out some areas we rushed past last time. I think we're 15 hours? Since I didn't finish the Thing, please no spoilers in comments for the Thing, or for after the Thing.




big ones

As I think I mentioned, we went back and started over again to get the proper world state import. I don't know how much it's changed, but so far the only thing anyone has said that felt wrong was in a banter between Varric and Blackwall, in which Varric disparaged Sebastian (who, in the canon I'm playing here, never met Hawke), but everything else has worked so far. That said, I feel like the game is missing an opportunity to reference the fact that both the Hero of Ferelden and the Herald of Andrate are both lady dwarves. I can already tell that there are a number of missing conversations in my head that will show up in fic somewhere along the line.

So anyway, progress! We've cleared most of the Hinterlands and Storm Coast, went to Val Royeaux (possibly too early, but it's worked out okay I think), finished the major plot quest in the Fallow Mire, and then went to go deal with the mages -- Malika doesn't trust the rebel mages, they make her nervous, but she trusts the templars even less. (Meeting Fiona in Val Royeaux was rather a surprise, although on reflection it probably shouldn't have been.) Even realizing that she was going to have to deal with Tevinter cultists rather than the free mages she was expecting was not enough to change her mind. However, after her time travel adventures in Redcliffe (talk about the darkest timeline!), she decided (actually T decided; I might have been inclined the other way, but he talked me into it) to conscript them. If nothing else, I'm curious to see how it works out for Thedas in the long run.

I can only imagine how this particular plotline is going over with folks who identify with the mages in terms of social justice issues. In particular, I wonder how they feel about Vivienne, and her absolute belief in the old system. Elven apostate Solas vs. Circle loyalist Vivienne vs. Tevinter refugee Dorian makes for a fascinating series of contrasts. I really want to talk more to Fiona at some point, as a representative of the mage rebellion. Up to the point that we met with Fiona in Redcliffe, almost every non-companion mage we spoke with had been happy in the Circle and unhappy with being forced to leave, which puts rather a different face on the issue than DA2 or even DA:O ever did. It is, truly, a complicated situation, and not so simple to map to issues of oppression in our world. Can anyone tell me, is it possible to find Fiona in Haven before The Thing and talk to her? Or will it have to wait until after?

Anyway, so then we went back to Haven and we got overrun by red glowy templars led by CORIPHEROUS* holy crap I did not see that coming. (*possibly misspelled, but I don't want to risk looking it up.) And then I don't really know what happens after that because we couldn't get past the part of the battle where you go after the dragon with the trebuchet, but I'm really curious to find out.

(Also, of course, Alistair and Anora cameo. Blink and you miss it, but it was well placed. It would only have been better if Arl Teagan (Arl Teagan! Headcanon validated!) had been along, too. It's a bit sad that Alistair reaches his last limit with the mages -- and that's got to have been a rough moment for Fiona -- but I can't blame him one bit.)

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