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Earlier today, I was peacefully reading my email, and the cat was dozing right nearby on T's desk chair. Suddenly, a racket of chirping birds erupted from the roof. Her reaction was instantaneous, and adorable. First she perked up, then jumped off the chair and began looking around wildly for the source of the bird noises, running around on the floor, trying to climb up the walls. When the birds fell silent, she looked at me with an accusatory meow, as if I had taken the birds away.

"Sorry kitty," I said. "I'd bring them back if I could."

Now, several hours later, she's having one of her regular bouts of yowliness for no apparent reason. I was downstairs at the television, and she'd wander into the downstairs bathroom and start mewing pitifully. Every time I got up to find out what was up, she'd leave the bathroom and run towards me, meowing all the way, so I have no idea what cupboard or imagined thing in the bathroom she was actually mewing at. Then I came upstairs, and she ran up the stairs ahead of me, yowling all the way. After more mewing and scratching at my legs, I picked her up and put her in my lap. She submitted to an ear scratch for about 30 seconds, then jumped down, ate some kibble, and now she is quiet. Now I have to wonder what it was -- the attention? but I tried to put her in my lap in front of the television and she wouldn't have it.

Cats are weird.
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