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I started another DA:I game (who is surprised), and in the process I finally figured out how to get screencaps off my PS4. So here, some snaps of my Malika Cadash and my newly-created Trevelyan, Kendra.

Remember how I had to scrap my first Cadash and start her over because the world state didn't import properly? This is the second Malika. She's similar to the first, but not exactly the same, largely because T wanted her to be a little bit prettier. Okay, husband, I will make a few concessions to the tyranny of standardized beauty ideals. ;) And I think she still looks like a tough cookie, which was my only real goal.

And here's Kendra, two-handed warrior and true believer in Andraste and the Chantry.

Unlike Malika, she's got no problem believing herself to be The Chosen One. All her life, she's wanted only to serve, but she's been caught in a struggle with her parents -- they wanted her to take vows as a priest, but she wanted to join the Templars, even after the war broke out. Perhaps the years of fighting were all part of Andraste's plan, leaving her free to take up the mantle of Herald when the time was right. (I've never been a religious fanatic before. I expect it to be quite interesting.)

People who know me from other fandoms might notice a physical resemblance to a certain other character of whom I am well-known to be a huge fan. I swear this wasn't intentional -- Kendra is changed very little from the preset I chose, just tweaks to the makeup, face shape, and hair color. But it's true that I saw this preset and knew immediately that she had to be my human female Inquisitor. I just didn't realize why until a couple of hours into her game. (It's even more obvious in this shot.)

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