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Back from travels

Who missed me? I was in DC for the long weekend, visiting T's family since we didn't make it out there for Christmas. I am definitely on board with this "going to the East Coast for a holiday other than Christmas", although except for the flights being way cheaper, I'm not sure that February is much of an improvement. Next year maybe we'll try to guess at cherry blossoms.

Now I am home, fighting off a cough (it's bad enough that I'm skipping chorus tonight) and trying to get back into the swing with work, writing, and anything else that takes more brain power than Flight Rising, which has been about all I've had the mental energy for lately. Oh, and I finally watched Outlander! I find myself wondering if the Scottish actors actually speak Gaelic, or if they're learning the lines phonetically. (Answer: No, and in fact the actress who plays Claire is the only person in the cast who speaks it. Ironically enough, since her character is the only one who doesn't!)

It's interesting so far. Seems a very faithful adaptation for the most part. The only thing I'm not sure about was Black Jack Randall telling Claire the story of Jamie's whipping rather than Dougal MacKenzie. I get that they need to give Jack and Frank a little more to do than they have in the book, so they aren't wasting the actor, and for the most part I've been on board with that (although the thing with Frank in the stone circle was beyond cheesy), but here it didn't really work for me. Claire is good, and Jamie is fantastic, and most importantly they have excellent chemistry. In general I like the casting so far, although Dougal isn't really how I imagined him, and I'm not sure about Tobias Menzies, as either Frank or Jack.

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