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February Update; March goals

Days written: 17/28
Words written: 5,734 (I'm surprised it's that many)
Words of fic written: 4,966
Stories worked on: Four, plus kiss battle
Stories posted: One, and the kiss battle stories

Specific goals:

1. Write six days per week (total, not average) except while traveling. Well, I got the "not writing while traveling part" down.

2. Participate in both Dragon Age and Final Fantasy Kiss Battles. Write at least two fics for each. I only wrote one story for the DA battle, two for DOINK! I'll crosspost them both tomorrow. I am a bit discouraged that neither kiss battle really seemed to take off this year. Some participation in each, but not that much, and not very many different people. I'd say that's a different post, but my dissatisfaction with those events spilled over into my lack of motivation to write this month in general.

3. Wrap up the giveaway fic that's almost finished. Success!

4. Finish first draft of DA Big Bang fic. I made some progress. I forget when I was writing these goals that "check in" isn't the same as "draft due"; I have another month for that. So, it's not finished, but it's coming along, although I've shifted direction about half a dozen times.

The blunt truth is that I've been very dissatisfied with my writing lately. And by "lately", I mean "the last year or so." The ideas I come up with, the words I use to express them, the difficulty of making myself sit down and do it. I'm having a hard time remembering when I last posted a story with a sense of accomplishment or excitement. It's not that my output is bad. Whenever I go back and reread with critical distance, I can see that most of what I'm posting is fine. But I want to feel like I can get back to where I'm doing better than "fine". And I'm not quite sure what would help with that.

Anyway. Onward. March!

1. Write at least five days per week.

2. Crosspost all outstanding Tumblr/Kiss Battle/other flash fic (I haven't done this in awhile).

3. Pick another giveaway story and make progress on it.

4. Substantial progress on DABB story -- a complete draft by the end of the month would be ideal.

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