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Brief FogCon report

I have been keeping with FogCon, just with quick hits over on Tumblr rather than doing wrap-up posts here. Mostly because I haven't felt inspired to do detailed write-ups of the panels I've been to. Not that panels haven't been interesting or stimulating -- they have been, for sure. I just haven't walked out of them with a whole lot to say.

I did want to mention tonight, though, for myself if nothing else. It's been a really nice time: I lucked into a table of friendly and interesting people at dinner, in part because I noticed someone that [personal profile] renay had told me to look out for (and she was right). Then I went to the Catherynne Valente author event where she chatted with people, gave autographs, and wrote on people's skin a la Palimpsest. I wasn't sure I was going to get up the nerve to ask for a handwritten note, but then I did, and I told her that my very favorite of her books is The Orphan's Tales, and she said she knew exactly what she wanted to write.

After that I went upstairs to join a game of Slash hosted by Jed. Imagine Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, except the cards list fictional characters, historical figures, and celebrities, and your job is to make the best (or funniest) pairings (OT3s or even more are acceptable, if you can't choose). Ever since he first told me about this game, I've been dying to play, and I was not disappointed. (Note, the rules and gameplay demo'd at the link above suggest a very competitive style of play, but we didn't even keep score -- it was just about having fun and embracing the silliness and new ways of looking at familiar characters.) When we wrapped up, I resisted the urge to vanish and spent some time hanging out in the bar, chatting with people. It's these kinds of more casual interactions that I'm not so good at, and want to get better at: both for the practice networking, and because I feel like I'd get even more out of FogCon if I made more lasting relationships with people, rather than feeling like I'm starting over nearly from scratch every year.

More about that later, when it's not almost 2 AM and about to be almost 3 AM, and I want to be up and alert-ish for the guest of honor readings at 10:30! Good night, internet.

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