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Taking Another Swing at Genprompt Bingo

Maybe this is folly, but I liked the idea of having simple prompts around that I could write quickly.

Ritual Marks and Body Decorations Papertd>
Worst case scenario Frankencritters Shadows / Darkness
Icy Politeness The Early Hours before Dawn Slice of Life Relativity Reincarnation
Push and Pull Freestyle AU Wild CardPerfect When I'm 64: Futurefic
Documentation Autumn Leaves / Spring Flowers Pioneer Mountains The Elephant in the Room
The Tides of Time Farce Truth serums, Truth spells, and Truth drugs Relative values: Families Trade Winds

There are any number of options here, as always. Documentation is interesting. So is Elephant in the Room. That gives me a row to start with, anyway. But there are other ideas I might play with, too. We'll see.

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Tags: it seemed like a good idea at midnight, writing projects
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