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Mega Marvel Rewatch: The Dark World

The first and only other time that I'd seen this movie was in the theater, and I never got around to buying it on disc. (I do own Iron Man 3, but mostly for the Agent Carter short, which I didn't look at for the rewatch mostly because we don't yet know where it fits in the overall timeline.) Not because I don't like it -- I do, and like the first Thor movie I think it's somewhat underrated. But I don't feel the need to watch it again and again like I do some of the other films.

That said, I enjoyed revisiting it, even though I didn't really notice much in the way of interesting new connections. Pretty much everything I said in my initial reaction shot holds. On reflection, I wish they had given Darcy and especially Sif more to do, and not shoehorned Jane into the damsel role for so much of the film, and though I'm always complaining about comic book movies and how they never kill off characters for real (I'm especially looking at you, Phil Coulson) I'd make an exception if they found a way to bring back Frigga. The other thing I neglected to mention in my initial post is how flat the villains were. Any Thor villain is going to suffer in comparison to Loki, but we get so little of a window into Malekith, his character or his motivations (beyond your standard "revenge" and "let's destroy the world because we can", which are so generic that I don't think they really count) that it was impossible to care about him. Such a waste of Christopher Eccleston.

I've actually watched a good chunk of Agents of SHIELD Season One in the last few days, so look for a post on that soon. And then: Winter Soldier, yay!

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