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more on kitties

We got the kittens home around 2pm. Spent some time hanging out with them in the downstairs bathroom. By the third time I was in, they were both out of the carrier, wandering around, and boy kitty was already asking to explore some more. So we opened the bathroom door. They are both quite nervous, and a bit skittish around us if we move too quickly or make too much noise, and they are cautious about venturing too far into the house. But I think they are getting used to us and settling in. They both arch up and push into my hand when I pet them, rather than shrinking away. Boy kitty is rather bolder than girl kitty. He's also more vocal -- he has a high-pitched squeak which seems to pass for a meow. Girl kitty occaaionally makes this weird rumbling noise that sounds rather like a growl, but her body language doesn't indicate unhappiness when she makes it.

This shoelace is a big hit.

The litter box may be an issue; I caught girl kitty peeing on the bathmat, when the box was only few steps away. I dumped her in the box with minimal trauma, I think, but I don't want to set up bad patterns. They're spending tonight shut up in the downstairs bathroom, just for everyone's peace of mind, but we can't do that forever. T is already worrying; I say let's see how tonight goes before we flip. They've just been through a serious trauma, after all, despite how well they seem to be holding up. Being taken suddenly from the only home you've ever known is bound to disrupt anyone's toilet habits.
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