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April update; May goals

Days written: 21/30
Words written: 14,070
Words of fic written: 1,556 (not a typo)
Stories worked on: Two
Stories posted: None

So, yeah. Only about ten percent of my words this month were on fic, thanks to the MCU Rewatch project. (On the flip side, I don't remember the last time I wrote more than 10k words worth of journal entries, and it was nice to have a project that brought me back to that.) I'd cite a combination of factors: time spent watching TV and movies is time not writing, I started my new part-time job which cut drastically back on leisure hours, and my highest priority project of the month was editing a mostly-written draft, which is not conducive to producing lots of new words.

Okay, wordcount stuff out of the way, specific goals progress:

1. Write at least five days per week. Not quite.

2. Complete DABB story. No, but I sent it to beta.

3. Finish and post one of two major WIPs -- the MCU story or the prize fic. I didn't even touch the latter. I got a little work in on the former, and I actually signed up for wipbigbang as an incentive to expand and finish.

4. Write an update post and at least two book reviews relating to the Bradford Challenge. The truth is, I totally forgot about this in my excitement over the MCU Rewatch project. I have been reading, and some good books too, but I haven't been talking about them or tracking as closely as I wanted.

Well, not so good on the goals there. And May is going to be hella busy -- I have something planned literally every weekend this month, including two out-of-town trips and a concert weekend, not to mention the DABB deadline, so keeping all that in mind:

1. Write at least five days a week, including while traveling.

2. Finish and post DABB story.

3. Make healthy progress on MCU story and check in on Bradford Challenge.

4. Write and post at least one Genprompt Bingo story.

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